Thursday, November 8, 2018

Biomes of the World Deserts

Our last week of biomes last week focused on deserts. 

There was so much to talk about 

The lesson ended with the creation of a foldable just like the general Ed peers make 

Biomes of the World Rainforests

A couple weeks ago my intern delivered this lesson on rainforests in group speech.

The lesson was paired with a BrainPop video on rainforests 

And included a rainforest snack

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Biomes of the World Grasslands

Week 3 of Biomes was Grasslands. I created the lesson but it was my SLP roommate's turn to run it. 

We talked about how dry the climate is.

The animals that live in the grasslands 

and how they stay safe

The kids answered questions 

Practiced making sentences 

And made an edible grasslands biome complete with yellow "dry" grass

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Biomes of the World Oceans

Here is what we did for 2 of biomes in group speech with our ID classes. While I create most of the lessons all the SLPs at my school including whoever my intern is at the time take turns delivering the lesson. This happened to be my week to deliver the lesson.

Our topic was Oceans

We talked about the different animals that live in the ocean biome including what they do and what they eat. All the kids get really excited when sentence strips are included and they can find the sentences on their communication devices.

We watched a video from BrainPop Jr. about biome zones in the ocean and then completed a worksheet created using Boardmaker.

Finally we decorated ocean biome cookies using sugar cookies, blue frosting, and fruit snacks shaped like ocean animals. 

It was the favorite part of the lesson of course!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Biomes of the World Wetlands

My school uses Unique Learning as their adaptive curriculum for our students with intellectual disabilities. The topic for October in middle and high school is biomes. We (the other SLP I work with) don't use the materials provided by Unique Learning because that's what the teachers use. What we do is create our own lessons based on the calendar.

Our goal for October is a biome a week. This week we did Wetlands.

My lesson was adapted from a Lakeshore Learning book set called "Amazing Plants & Animals" that I found on clearance right before school got out last year. The lesson was paired with Boardmaker symbols to lower the language level and make it accessible to my audience while still allowing them to grasp the big concept.

In Georgia we have the Standards of Excellence. This lesson was aligned to the 7th grade Science standards and will be used for students with language disorders later in the year.

I incorporated sentence strips from Saltillo chat editor so that my students could easily find new vocabulary on their devices. 

Pairing the lesson with a neat video always makes it more relevant.

It was actually my SLP colleague's week to deliver the lesson and she came up with a great edible craft. Each student made his or her own wetland biome.

The biggest hit with the kids was the animal noises page. Frogs are in the Wetlands biome. The kids got a kick out of being able to make the croaking sound.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

September is Better Breakfast Month

This was my intern's first week to plan our group speech lesson. He gave me permission to share this. I teach all of my interns learn how to use Boardmaker, AAC devices, and how to adapt themes and books to make PowerPoint lessons for our weekly group speech lessons in our classes for students with intellectual disabilities.

When I gave him a monthly theme calendar for September he chose to create a lesson around breakfast since September is Better Breakfast Month.

He talked about the food groups and healthy versus unhealthy foods

The food groups 

Incorporated interesting videos 

He even created a worksheet using Boardmaker while I created sentence strips utizing Chat Editor to accompany the lesson.

Of course examples of healthy breakfast items followed by some sampling always helps to enhance the lesson.

The lesson was a win with the kids especially since it was too hot to talk about Fall which was the original plan.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sometimes you win sometimes you lose Hispanic Heritage Month

Last week we celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month in group speech. When I first introduced this lesson to my students with intellectual disabilities 3 years ago it was a complete flop. It was so bad that we didn't use it the next year.

Fast forward to last year when a completely revitalized lesson become a complete success. I added slides and videos of famous Hispanic Americans such as Jennifer Lopez and America Ferrerra and we talked about their contributions to their crafts.

Jennifer Lopez is a singer 

Cultural traditions such as Flameco dancing and food are an intragal part of the lesson such as this video from Riverdance. 

Food is always a big hit and brings the whole lesson together including students and staff. 

We used sentence strips to ask for chips, salsa, juice, and cookies and describe how they taste. This lesson has quickly gone from a flop to a favorite.