Saturday, August 31, 2019

The Languages of AAC

This year the kids in my ID classes speak 4 different languages. With each symbol system being it's own language, I decided to incorporate them all into our group speech PowerPoint on Going to the Amusement Park. The Amusement Park topic was chosen to align to Unique Learning's topic for summer.

TouchChat, WFL, high contrast PRC, and English

When students completed their worksheet that accompanies each lesson, answer choices were made larger and printed in black and white on bright blue paper so students with visual impairments could see them.

Practicing our core words stop and go by telling how each ride moves using high contrast PCS symbols (Boardmaker) is a great way to get students with visual impairments or limited mobility involved in the lesson.

Incorporating videos of what it's like to ride different rides.

 We use a lot of props in speech therapy. Props give meaning and relevance to the lesson by giving the students real life experience with a topic. Students got to choose between a ball run and race car track to simulate a roller coaster.

Students made the car or ball stop and go and move fast or slow.

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